Generation Pet Policies
Revised: March 7, 2018

Orders Due:

Orders are due two days before the delivery date by 11AM and must meet the order minimum. There is also a fuel surcharge of $7.50-$15 for each delivery depending upon your location. The fuel surcharge is in addition to the order minimum. Stores are able to add on to their order up until the day before the delivery date by 11AM. If anything urgent ever arises, please call the office and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Return Policy:

Products purchased through Generation Pet may be authorized for return using the following guidelines:

All returns must be called into the office for prior approval before being returned with the driver. Returns must be called in NO LATER THAN 1pm the day before delivery. Once approved, the office will fill out a form that will be sent to the store. Generation Pet’s form is to be sent with the product/UPCs that is to be picked up by the driver. Please follow instructions given on the form for what needs to be returned. If the proper items are not returned, credit will not be issued.

The driver is not authorized to pick up any return that has not been pre-approved by the office staff and that does not have a Generation Pet authorization form.

Returns do not guarantee a credit to your account. All returns must have proper documentation in order to be processed. Credit will be issued upon approval.

Some manufacturers require prior written authorization before items may be returned. We will instruct you of any forms needed when the returns are called in.

Once the return has been approved, credit will be applied to your account which may be used at a later date.

Customer Returns/Satisfaction:

If a customer returns a product through the store, it is mandatory that the customer name and phone number be included and the UPC/product be returned to Generation Pet. If a customer feels a product may have caused their animal to become ill, it may be necessary for that customer to contact the manufacturer directly. In most cases, our manufacturers list a 800 number for their convenience. 


All orders require a signature at the time of delivery. Please look over your order for any damages or discrepancies. The driver may take back any products that are damaged or misdelivered when noted upon delivery. Adjustments will be made to the account upon the driver’s submission of Generation Pet’s delivery copy.

If an error has been noted after the driver has left, please contact the office within 48 hours of delivery receipt. 301-725-0700 sales@genpet.org

All shortages and damages are subject to verification. If the driver does not note shortages or damages at the time of delivery, credit is not guaranteed.

All box cutter and/or knife damagers will not be accepted. Generation Pet’s staff does not use sharp objects to open any packages and all damages that are reported accordingly will not be accepted.

Items returned after delivery due to retailer error are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Short Dated/Expired Product:

Generation Pet defines short dated as any item with 90 days or less before the expiration date. Short Dated/Expired Products are NOT eligible for return unless they are delivered that way or there is pre-approval from the manufacturer in the form of email to Generation Pet.

Spoiled/Infested Products:

Generation Pet is committed to providing all natural, holistic, and organic products. It is inherently understood that from time to time infestation may occur as a natural by-product to chemical free ingredients. Should a product purchased from Generation Pet appear to be infested please contact the office immediately. Once given approval, Generation Pet will issue a return form and instructions on how to proceed. The product must have been purchased within the previous 30 days.

Overstock Returns:

Past orders may be returned contingent upon office approval. Please note returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Products must have at least 90 days left on their shelf life and be resellable. Upon receipt of return into the warehouse, products will be inspected. Once approved, credit will be applied to your account which may be used at a later date. If products are returned in unsellable condition, credit will not be issued and products will not be sent back.


UPS Shipping Policy:

Any orders that do not meet our truck delivery minimum may be shipped UPS, but are subject to all Shipping and Handling charges.

Payment Policies:

All accounts must have a current credit card on file in order to be delivered.

All invoices are due per the terms stated on the invoices.  If invoices are not paid, the credit card on file may be charged.

As of December 1, 2017 all payments made by credit card will incur an additional 3% fee for processing.

Any invoices not paid accordingly will be accessed a finance charge at the prevailing rate. In the event of default in payment, applicant agrees to be responsible for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees. Nonpayment or continued slow payment of product invoices or finance charges will be cause for cancellation of credit privileges. Termination of credit line will not effect in any way the obligation of customer to pay all accrued amounts due.


For returns, shortages, mispicks, damages, etc. please contact the office.