Brands We Carry

We carry all of your favorite pet brands right here at GenPet! Click on any brand to see what products we have in stock. Any pre-approved discount pricing will be on the final invoice, prices are subject to change.

A Pup Above Logo

A Pup Above was created to make it super simple to know what’s in your dog’s bowl. We also believe in making food more sustainable so it’s better for humans, pups, and the planet.

Allprovide Logo

Conveniently packaged raw pet food made from the freshest of ingredients from USDA inspected American farmers.

Almo Nature Logo

Almo Nature is a pet food brand owned entirely by Fondazione Capellino, a non-profit commercial body with a mission to protect biodiversity and combat climate change.

By providing nourishment for cats and dogs,
Almo Nature is able to generate profits that are put towards causes benefiting our cats, dogs and biodiversity.

Animal Essentials Logo

Pure, all natural pet supplements and vitamins made with human-grade, sustainably sourced ingredients

Answers Logo

The most appropriate raw pet food made with fermented, sustainably-sourced whole raw foods.

Ark Naturals Logo

Award winning, scientifically formulated products ranging from wellness & lifestyle to dental and remedy specific products.

Aroma Paws Logo

All natural, chemical-free botanical grooming products formulate with Therapeutic Grade Essentials oils and Human Grade conditioning & cleansing ingredients.

Aunt Jeni's Logo

All natural, fit for human consumption raw pet food, free from additives and preservatives.

B.F.F. Logo

Protein-packed, low fat & highly palatable moist cat food.

Barking Buddha Logo

All natural, single ingredient dog chews & treats made from grass-fed, free range sustainably sourced South American Beef.

Bass Brushes Logo

The finest quality pet grooming brushes & combs.

Bravo Logo

Simple, limited ingredient raw formulas and treats using humanely-raised, NAE (no antibiotics ever) USA poultry, and grass-fed New Zealand lamb & venison.

Brilliant Logo

100 % pure Norwegian salmon oil

Butchers Block Logo

100% Natural from USDA Beef, Born and Raised in the USA.

ChillyDog Logo

Fair trade, Incan hand-knitted 100% premium wool catnip toys.

Coco Therapy Logo

Veterinarian recommended, theraputic- grade coconut oil based products. Spread a little Island love to your pampered pet.

Doggijuana Logo

Dog toys and treats crafted with naturally calming dogginip.

Earth Rated Logo

Just Pennies Per Poop! Strong, reliable, high quality poop bags for poops of all sizes!

Einstein Pets Logo

Einstein Pets all-natural organic treats use only pure, delicious and nutritious ingredients that you will recognize immediately from your own grocery list. All products are 100% natural and use only human-grade ingredients like protein-packed peanut butter, sweet potato, and heart-healthy oats. Products are made in small batches, baked by hand, with only the finest human-grade ingredients.

Forza10 Logo

Clean food for pet sensitivities. Improving dog and cat lives with proper nutrition since 1995.

Happy Howie's Logo

Premium, all natural, 100% beef, lamb, & turkey meat deli-style dog treats made in Michigan.

Herbsmith Logo

Therapeutic-grade holistic Chinese herbal supplements & treats founded and operated by holistic veterinarian, Dr. Chris Bessent.

Home Range Logo

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of all dogs and to providing the highest quality, all natural, best tasting products raised without the use of steroids, hormones, antibiotics, and no added preservatives

HuggleHounds Logo

Unique, design driven, highly-styled pet products made with durability in mind.

Inaba Logo

Premium wet Cat & Dog treats that are low calorie, grain-free, moisture-filled, and prepared without preservatives or artificial colors.

Intersand Logo

Intersand is committed to making a difference in the world of animal hygiene. 

K9 Kraving Logo

K-9 Kraving brand was founded by Robert Barrett in 2002 and became the very first pet food brand to become USDA Certified, nationwide. Privately owned and operated. They source, produce and package under one roof. Premium Raw Diet Dog Food available at a competitive price.

Momentum Logo

Freeze Dried Raw Meals

My Doggy Bites Logo

Tasty, USA Made premium soft-baked cookies made from the highest quality of human grade ingredients. Wheat, corn, soy, and preservative free.

My Perfect Pet Logo

My Perfect Pet offers a line of gently cooked pet food and treats. We use all­ natural, highest quality whole food ingredients.

Natural Cravings Logo

Single ingredient, 100% Sourced USA pasture-finished beef bones, chews, and treats.

Natural Farm Logo

All Natural Dog Treats & Chews Farmed Responsibly, Crafted with Care.  We only produce the very best natural dog chews.

Nature's Variety Logo

Small-batch, minimally processed high quality, raw foods crafted in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Nummy Tum Tum Logo

Nummy Tum Tum™ Pure Pumpkin and Pure Sweet Potato are nutritious food supplements for dogs.

Optimeal Logo

Optimeal is a natural, super-premium food that helps your pet live longer and happier lives, because it naturally supports your pet’s immune system, day in and day out, through the use of antioxidants, vitamins E and C and other nutrients such as vitamin A, Zinc and Selenium.

Optimeal provides the entire spectrum of nutritional support. Plus, an abundance of vegetables, herbs, and berries carefully selected for optimally balanced nutrition.

Oxyfresh Logo

Helping pets live their best lives.

Pet care that's a breath of fresh air - because we know that a happy pet means a happy you.

Pet Naturals Logo

Women-owned, veterinarian formulated, functional health supplements, treats & chews.

PetKind Logo

Limited ingredient, made in Canada, Tripe based canned dog food & treats.

Pioneer Pet Logo

Founded by cat behaviorist Betsy Lipscomb, superior pet products including all natural plant-based SmartCat Litter and StickyPaws.

Portland Pet Food Company Logo

Homestyle, Limited Ingredient Meals, Toppers, Treats that are sustainably sourced.

Primal Logo

Complete, balanced, biologically appropriate raw food for pets - Territory Restrictions may apply.

Pure And Natural Pet Logo

High quality, eco-friendly, pet products and grooming supplies formulated with organic oils and extracts.

Raw Dynamic Logo

Raw Dynamic is a New York City based dog and cat food manufacturing business which offers the healthiest all-natural diet that your dog deserves.


RAWR Eats are complete and balanced meals.

No added yayas or token phrases. Just real meat and a simple supplement mix.


The next best thing to feeding raw.

Reliq Logo

Eco-safe, tear-free grooming products that combine nano-enhanced volcanic minerals with vitamins and conditioning oils that surround, absorb, and dissolve odor causing bacteria.

Remy's Kitchen Logo

Our mission is to make wholesome, healthy, nutritious treats that are better for your pets! 

Rescue Remedy Logo

Natural flower essences remedy for natural stress relief in pets.

RuffDawg Logo

100% made in the USA non-toxic and recyclable pet toys.

SmallBatch Logo

All of our ingredients are carefully selected to meet the standards we feel every pet deserves: organic herbs and vegetables, hormone and antibiotic free meats, and only pure honest supplements such as organic kelp and bee pollen.

Soggy Doggy Logo

The best selling super soft, cozy, and most importantly super-absorbing doormats, shammys, beds & more!

Solutions Logo

A solution for nourishing pet food.

Superior Farms Logo

Best Chews for Your Dog!  Chewing is good for your dog's mental and physical health.

The Honest Kitchen Logo

We make our foods with only real, thoughtfully sourced ingredients using the same quality and safety standards as healthy people foods. It's what we call "The Honest Difference," and we believe it makes all the difference.

The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. Logo

A premium range of pet food, supplements, and treats using only the highest quality ingredients aimed at giving your animal what they need to thrive.

The Peak Antler Company Logo

Set apart from traditional bones these antlers will not stain your carpet, splinter or turn into slimy goo. Sourced from naturally shed deer or elk antler pieces. No fillers, preservatives, added color or anything else!

The Pupper Cup Logo

Dairy Free and No Added Sugars Ice Cream for Dogs.

The Real Meat Company Logo

Simply the best and meatiest all-natural gourmet foods & treats for pets using 95% meat and poultry.


Comprehensive Test for pets.

Vitafur Logo

Our burgers provide your dog with nourishing and delightful diet.  No need for complex eating plan - just a straightforward and healthy one.  We've simplified it to two human grade ingredients, ensuring your beloved pet receives an ideal treat.

Wee Away Logo

Industrial grade powerhouse cleaning and deodorizing products that are safe for the environment, pets, and people.

Wellness Supplies

Weruva Logo

All natural, hydration-focused, highly palatable, complete dog & cat diets that are free of grain and carrageenan.

Wholesome Pride Logo

100% all-natural limited ingredient pet treats with zero additives.

Wholistic Pet Organics Logo

Complete source for holistic, all-natural and organic supplements and treats for dogs & cats.

Winnie Lou Logo

Winnie Lou is on a mission to take the mystery out of treating your pets by creating and selling transparent, healthy pet treats.

WizSmart Logo

All day dry premium dog pads.

Wysong Logo

Nutraceutically enhanced, holistic, healthy pet foods & supplements.

Yeti Logo

All-natural and long-lasting dog chews & treats made from yak and cow milk from the Himalayan region of Nepal.

Yoghund Logo

Healthy frozen yogurt ice cream treat for dogs.

ZenPet Logo

Providing premium health & wellness solutions for your pet.

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