About Us


Generation Pet opened its doors in 1998, operating out of a home garage. Doug's motivation was to be able to offer the dog and cat owner alternative, good quality nutrition. Witnessing what quality "alternative" nutrition did for his father's dog, Alex, Doug and his father Dave, started Generation Pet.

Today Generation Pet services the Mid-Atlantic and North East regions operating out two warehouses just outside of Baltimore, Maryland and Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Generation Pet believes that nutrition is the foundation of our pet's health. That is why Generation Pet offers the industry's finest products available from Answers & Aunt Jeni's Raw to Primal Freeze Dried!

Why GenPet?

Generation Pet is committed to the independent retailer by providing unique all-natural products which are exclusively sold to you- the independent retailer. We offer superior all-natural companion animal products, exceptional customer service, and a dedicated knowledgeable staff. Most importantly, Generation Pet believes that nutrition is the foundation of our companion animals’ health.

When you team with Generation Pet, we help you grow your business! We offer each of our retailers’ extensive training on all of our products at your convenience, either at your location or at our training center or through Webinars. The Generation Pet Training Staff is available to educate your customers as well. We will gladly educate and demonstrate at your location. Just ask and we will be there! Please browse our website to get to know our staff, team of vendors and their products!

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions,

Doug John Owner

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